Tuesday, February 22, 2011

Romulo Café ♥


romulo cafe


And finally, after more than a year since the restaurant opened, I get to try the famed Romulo Café.

Already more than a year in business, it is still drawing crowds.

Must be good.

I walk in with high expectations.


romulo cafeI like the modern and clean lines, but the place is small and hungry people are abundant. Warning: Not for the claustrophobic.


And luckily, I possess the talent of amusing myself with edible things put in front of me, because my eating partner for the day is extremely busy texting and calling and talking and texting.

And calling and talking and texting and talking.

Good thing there’s enough food to keep me busy.


buko shakeBuko Shake – could be less sweet


IMG_8471Pinoy Nachos – kamote and taro chips drizzled with melted kesong puti, keso de bola and tomato. Needs more cheese. (And maybe some crispy lechon bits, too, hehe)


IMG_8477Boneless Crispy Pata Binagoongan – the skin is nice and crunchy, but the meat is also fried to death it’s so exhausting to chew!


fried tilapiaFlying Tilapia with 3 Sauces: sweet chili garlic, honey bagoong, soy vinegar.
I love the honey bagoong, but not very much the fish.


IMG_8484Laing with Adobo Flakes – a bit on the salty side, but nothing a bowl of rice can’t fix.
My favorite dish of the meal. Yum. Hey waiter, bring on the rice!


longganisa fried riceVigan Longganisa Fried Rice – oilinesssssss


IMG_8491See what I mean about the calling and talking?
I don’t think he even notices how oily his plate is. Tsk.


Romulo Café: 32 Scout Tuazon corner Scout Lazcano, Tomas Morato, Quezon City, Philippines. Tel: +632-332-7275

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