Thursday, February 24, 2011

Chef’s Table ♥ ♥


Although I miss the more personalized service and cooking show-theatre dining experience at the old Chef’s Table, there are many things I like about Chef Bruce’s new place.


chef's table manilaLike this pencil. I wish I took it home.


chef's table open kitchenAnd the bigger and sleeker open kitchen with more Chef Bruce shaolins than ever.  
I wish I took all of them baldies home, but then Mom would freak out.


chef bruce limAnd Chef Bruce in shorts. This guy used to play golf with my dad before he gave up the fairways for the kitchen. Best decision ever. (Dad says hi, too!)


IMG_8045Chef’s Table Iced Tea and Dalandan Spirit


IMG_8035Cebuana Chili Chicken Wings – nice and spicy


IMG_8038Crab Cakes – there are bits of crab shells in them and the aioli needs more sampaloc flavor


IMG_8041Hot Rock Pusit – a new take on squid, but can’t say I am a fan


IMG_8048Dinuguan – the creativity rocks but the pork is also as tough as rock Sad smile


IMG_8051Chicken Sat on Salt – tender and silky, can use more flavor


IMG_8061Chill-A-Fino – except for the ube, I find this quite ordinary


IMG_8068Salted Eggs and Minced Pork – ok lah


IMG_8055Aligue Rice and Chicken Rice – need crab fat and chicken flavors, desperately


And here are the dishes I’ll come back again and again for:

IMG_8053Prawn Aligue My Way – I don’t care that my cholesterol now exceeds 200. I am forever in love with anything crab fat.


IMG_8066Kare-Kare – melt-in-your-mouth ox tail tenderness. Ask for bagoong for the ultimate experience.


IMG_8062Kalderetang Lamb – super tender and full of that richness and gaminess I love in lamb


IMG_8056Binagoongang Baboy – now this devil is responsible for my carb overloading. It is bursting with flavors I just couldn’t stop. Hands down my favorite dish of the night.


IMG_8072Oh, I like this doggie bag, too. And this one I AM taking home.


Jen with Little Reign, Sherylou, Vic, Irwin, Sheryl, Me and Elisa with Kylie asleep on her lap


IMG_8075Mini versions of my friends: Kaizer (Irwin), Reign (Jen), and Alecis (Vic)


Chef’s Table: Unit 106, The Infinity Tower, 26th Street, The Fort Global City, Taguig, Philippines. Tel: +632-399-1888

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