Thursday, January 20, 2011

Rosebud Prime ♥



Perhaps the only boo-boo in all my stay at theWit is when I ask the Concierge for steakhouse recs and he books me at Rosebud Prime.


IMG_0967Empty room on a Saturday night = BIG warning sign


I know I should’ve turned back and walked away but the Concierge’s voice keeps ringing in my head. “The bone-in fillet with wild mushrooms is my personal favorite.”


IMG_0971So I stay and order it, Rosebud’s Signature Bone-In Fillet with Wild Mushrooms, 
paired with a glass of merlot from Alexander Valley. The 18-ounce steak is tender but desperately lacking in flavor. Honestly, I love the mushrooms more.


IMG_0968The 28-ounce “Chicago Cut” Bone-In Ribeye tastes better than the fillet, but I’d be lying if I say the steak is fantastic. The bone marrow, obviously, is the best part of the dish.


IMG_0974Green Beans Amandine and Baked Mac & Cheese
We didn’t want to order anything more because the steaks are HUGE and our appetites
are small (HA!) But the server swears these two sides are phenomenal (he lurvs that P word) so we let him talk us into ordering them. While I enjoy the green beans which are sweet and crisp, the baked mac & cheese does absolutely nothing for me. I give it the U word. Unphenomenal. Our server notices the untouched plates and apologetic, he tells us the sides are on the house. I love America.


IMG_0965Probably the thing I enjoy eating the most is Rosebud Prime’s cinnamon sugar raisin toast and parmesan cheese flatbread.

Really awesome stuff.

Even better than the steaks.


Rosebud Prime: 1 South Dearborn Street, Chicago, IL, USA. Tel: 312.384.1900

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