Friday, January 21, 2011

Shoreline Architecture Cruise ♥ ♥ ♥ and Navy Pier ♥

Because we are in the Windy City for 72 hours only (take out a few hours for sleep and lots and lots of hours for eating), we can’t help but do shortcuts on sightseeing.

So we join Shoreline’s Architecture River Cruise.


IMG_0876The fastest way to see more of Chicago. 60 minutes, gazillion buildings.


IMG_0878Our ride. (What?! No heater???)


IMG_0884Today is not really the perfect warm and sunny day to be outdoors and join river cruises. See how people are all covered up. (Well, except for that one fearless man enjoying his ice cold drink) But what the heck. If he can do it, so can I!


IMG_0885Wrigley Building on the left, Tribune Tower on the right


IMG_0887Closer look at the Wrigley Building. Yeah, the chewing gum company.


IMG_0892It is kinda cool going under the bridges


IMG_0888Trump Tower Chicago. I seriously want to live in there.


IMG_0893Marina City. Reminds me of corn on the cob, hehe.


IMG_0896Central Office Building. It currently houses the headquarters of Encyclopedia Britannica (Whoa, didn’t know that still exists!)


IMG_0897Merchandise Mart
So huge that this retail and wholesale destination is awarded its own zip code.


IMG_0899Clear blue skies (because I forgot what that tall building beside the mart is called)


IMG_0902A drawbridge, one of many


IMG_0905Office or guesthouse? I forgot.


IMG_0915The sleek charcoal one is the Sears Tower (I refuse to call it the Willis) and that one on the right is simply called by its address, 311 South Wacker Drive


IMG_0921Lake Point Tower. I call it “The Flask”





After the cruise, we walk to the nearby Navy Pier…

IMG_0938… get a hot Starbucks Pumpkin Spice Latte, a bag of Garrett popcorn and leave right away.
I seriously think this place is for children ages 15 and below.


IMG_0870Look at these cheesy guys posing with the cheesy macaroni


IMG_0874Oh yes, I do!


Shoreline Architecture Cruise: Cruises depart at Ogden Slip in the Chicago River, near the entrance of Navy Pier. Tel: 312-222-9328

Navy Pier: 600 East Grand Avenue Chicago, Illinois, USA. Tel: 312-595-PIER

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