Wednesday, January 19, 2011

jin loves to eat at home, January 10-16, 2011

And just when I have decided that my new year’s resolution is to cut back on travels (trips in 2010: 16 cities = bankrupt already) and to stay put in one place and start making some money (Attention Employers: I am for hire!), I receive a generous offer to travel to Chiang Mai next week FOR FREE!

I hereby declare February to be the start of my 2011.


chiang-mai-tha238Hello there, Dumbo! I’ll see you soon!
(Photo grabbed from Planetware)


January 10, 1:56pm

IMG_5515_thumb2Chicken and pork adobo, garlic fish fillet, some leafy vegetable

IMG_5517_thumb2Dragon fruit, pomelo, apple, pear


January 11, 12:14pm

IMG_5566_thumb2Braised beef ribs, spinach, omelet, tea eggs

IMG_5568_thumb2Cherries, guava, dragon fruit, pomelo, pear

IMG_5569_thumb1Manuka honey water


January 12, 1:47pm

IMG_5635Honey chicken, bokchoy, crispy pork, lapu-lapu fillet

IMG_5637Dragon fruit, pomelo, guava, pear, cherries


January 12, 6:34pm

IMG_5640Bangus belly, pork chop, spinach, spaghetti carbonara


January 13, 12:46pm

IMG_5642Smoked duck, Chinese cabbage, winter melon, mustard greens

IMG_5643Custard apple, pomelo, dragon fruit, guava, apple, pear, melon


January 13, 7:15pm

IMG_5645Braised tuna belly, baby choi sum, fish omelet


January 14, 8:47am

IMG_5647Tuna pandesal

IMG_5648Custard apple, pomelo, dragon fruit, apple, pear, melon, guava


January 14, 7:27pm

IMG_5650Chicken teriyaki, stir-fried cucumber, sunny side up egg, garlic rice


January 15, 1:29pm

IMG_5652Steamed besugo fillet, sea bass fillet with XO sauce, Chinese cabbage, soft-boiled egg

IMG_5654Cherries, pomelo, dragon fruit, melon, banana, custard apple


January 16, 12:05pm

IMG_5798Mom’s birthday noodles (yes, there’s noodles under all that topping!)

IMG_5805Banana, pomelo, dragon fruit, cherries, apple, pear

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