Tuesday, January 11, 2011

Beurre Blanc ♥ ♥



With Opus closed on Sundays, Beurre Blanc seems like Resorts World’s most interesting place to have dinner after an afternoon of Little Fockers. Like Le Soufflé, the food at this newly opened French-Mediterranean restaurant is always good (but not great) and reliable.


IMG_5443Tomato and Prawns Bisque with Pesto Cream


IMG_5444Soup break: watching people have their photo ops with Kaos


IMG_5447Fricassee of Assorted Mushrooms – there’s shitake, cepes and champignon de Paris.
And garlic bread drenched in oil.


IMG_5452Slow Roasted Lamb Spare Ribs Provencale – the ribs look so much bigger in the menu
than on my plate, but oh well, these things always happen to me. Good thing each rib is
fall-of-the-bone tender and has that gaminess I so love in lamb. This is something
I wouldn’t mind ordering again.


IMG_5454Wild Rice Pilaf with Chicken and Prawns – if your new year’s resolution contains the words “eat” and “healthy” or “healthier.” Obviously not my order.


IMG_5446Pasta a la Sophia – spaghetti in olive oil and fresh tomato sauce, smoked bacon, pancetta, and parmesan cheese


IMG_5458Belgian Chocolate Soufflé – doesn’t taste Belgian. Come on, don’t scrimp on the chocolate!


IMG_5462Mango Mascarpone Soufflé – love the chunks of mascarpone at the bottom. 
A much better choice than the not-so-Belgian Chocolate.


IMG_5468Jamie, Benjie, Dad, Me, Mom


Beurre Blanc: Resorts World Manila, Newport Boulevard, Newport City, Pasay, Philippines

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