Sunday, December 26, 2010

What I Ate on Christmas Eve

Stop looking at me like that. I know my pants don’t fit and my gut is sticking out, but you see, December is truly a difficult time, and I am really the last person to blame.

During the Christmas season, we have dinner gatherings every night.

On some nights, we even have two.

Christmas Eve 2010. This is exactly what I am talking about.


IMG_4260Christmas Eve Dinner # 1 - A–ma’s  House, 7:30pm


IMG_4222The buffet spread by Classic Chef


IMG_4236Hungry peoples of the world


IMG_4232Caesar salad


IMG_4226Roast pork and buttered vegetables


IMG_4227Fish fillet with tomato salsa


IMG_4230Grilled chicken with crispy garlic sauce


IMG_4231Deep fried prawns on stick


IMG_4225Fettuccine carbonara


IMG_4224Fried rice


IMG_4238Chocolate cake


IMG_4244Apple crumble


IMG_4247Mango crepe


IMG_4267My Cheng Family



And then we’re off to Christmas Eve Dinner # 2 – Ninang Adi’s house, 9:45pm

IMG_4276Harvest salad


IMG_4268Pork barbeque


IMG_4271Fried chicken




IMG_4274Cheesy broccoli


IMG_4286Ninang Adi’s famous seaweed prawn


IMG_4289Crema de fruta


IMG_4292Nathaniel’s buko pandan – my favorite!


IMG_4302Little kids and a kid-at-heart opening their presents


IMG_4283My Perez Family


Now that you know, please be kind or blind when you see my newly acquired chin.

Happy Holidays, guys! Go eat a fruitcake.

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