Sunday, December 26, 2010

jin loves to eat at home, December 13-19, 2010

The year is coming to an end and I am scared shitless.

Scared shitless of all the unavoidable events that are happening in my life – Christmas dinners, parties, reunions, get-togethers…

Imagine all the food, all the gift baskets, all that freshly baked homemade goodies. And then imagine my self-control (or lack thereof) when faced with such temptations. 


Please, guys, pray for me.


December 13, 12:39pm

IMG_3689Turkey burger, French beans, assorted mushrooms, rice


IMG_3692Pomelo, orange, pear, apple, dragon fruit


December 13, 7:01pm

IMG_3696Pan fried sea bass, garlic tofu, broccoli, Chinese kale, mushroom fried rice


December 14, 12:42pm

IMG_3698Herbed salmon, ampalaya with egg and shrimps, sautéed button mushrooms

IMG_3700Apple, pomelo, dragon fruit, longan


December 14, 8:13pm

IMG_3703Chicken curry, chives with crabmeat, baby asparagus, rice


December 15, 1:34pm

IMG_3711Sweet and sour fish fillet, braised beef ribs, crab omelet

IMG_3710Pomelo, pear, apple


December 15, 8:37pm

IMG_3715Steamed codfish, stir fried vermicelli with Chinese mushrooms

IMG_3721Gigi’s custardaroons (the perks of having a sister who works in the advertising industry… Thank you, Monday Magazine!)


December 16, 12:31pm

IMG_3727Chicken adobo, sweet and sour fish fillet, steamed Chinese cabbage, rice

IMG_3730Red cherries, white cherries, apple, dragon fruit, pomelo


December 17, 10:59pm

IMG_3723My favorite soy milk and black sesame soy drink! Available in almost all Korean groceries.

IMG_3814Banana, pomelo, apple, persimmon, melon, dragon fruit, orange


December 18, 1:25pm

IMG_3847Braised lamb ribs, crab omelet, steamed bokchoy, string beans with minced pork

IMG_3850Banana, pomelo, dragon fruit, apple


December 18, 7:18pm

IMG_3853One shrimp fettuccine in pesto sauce

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