Monday, November 29, 2010

Kashmir ♥ ♥ ♥

I don’t get people who have aversion to Indian food. Hello? Are you out of our minds?!? Curries, tandooris, biryanis, lassis… these are awesome stuff!

And the place I go to for these yummies?

IMG_9400Kashmir! Sometimes in Makati, sometimes in Malate.


IMG_9406No breads here, only something more exciting – a medley of nuts, chips, raisins and other itsie bitsies. Salty, sweet and spicy, this warms up your palate for the multitude of flavors you are soon going to experience.


IMG_9409Kashmir Chicken Yakni (half portion) – I like to squeeze two (sometimes 3) calamansi into my soup. The sourness and acidity first fight, and then blend beautifully with the rich, vitaminy taste of the chicken soup. Always heart-warming.


IMG_9417Tandoori Murgh – I can’t help but stick my face closer to this sizzling hot plate and inhale all the wonderful aroma emanating from it. The yogurt-and spices-marinated spring chicken is baked so beautifully that when I bite into it, tasty juices trickle down my chin.


IMG_9412Rogan Josh Kashmiri – the tender mutton pieces are gamey the way I like them to be, the curry smooth, rich and aromatic. I stop myself from drinking it by the spoonful and order some bread to mop it up until the very last drop


IMG_9419Roti Canai – flaky and gummy, my favorite of all Indian breads


IMG_9414Dum Pukht Biryani – and some people just can’t live without rice. Soft and fluffy.


IMG_9422Mango Jubilee – not wanting to order any Indian dessert ‘cause I don’t want to die of diabetes just yet, I go for the flaming mangoes on vanilla ice cream. Well, I should’ve known better. True, this is not an Indian dessert, but this is still an Indian restaurant. All desserts have to be sickeningly sweet. Ugh.


IMG_9411Mango Lassi – always my Kashmir drink of choice, mango shake with a yogurt twist


Kashmir: Festejo Building, 816 Arnaiz Avenue (formerly Pasay Road), Makati, Philippines. Tel: +632-8444924, +632-8444927

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