Monday, December 27, 2010

La Tienda ♥ ♥ ♥

What I love about eating with my girls is that even if it’s not August when Sherylou and I celebrate our birthdays and take care of the bill, they let me pick the restaurant each time and give me free reign with the ordering, too.

The perks of being a food blogger. Ha!


IMG_3860Salpicado – the tenderloin tips are hard and chewy but the garlic-and-beef-infused oil 
is very delicious


IMG_3865Gambas al Ajillo – the shrimps are just shrimps, nothing to rave about, but the oil,
oh my god, the tasty, garlicky, spicy olive oil is just. Out. Of. This. World.


IMG_3855Make good use of these breads for mopping up the sauces. Be sure not to leave one
garlic bit!


IMG_3868I enjoy a glass of sangria while waiting for our food


Holy moly! If I finish a glass of sangria for every 5 minutes of wait, I would have been disastrously wasted by the time our food arrives.

Forever. And a day. That is how long it takes our pre-ordered paella to arrive.

Truly, madly, deeply unacceptable.


IMG_3870Paella de Verduras con Arroz Basmati – vegetable paella with basmati rice
Good thing this fragrant, fluffy and very healthy vegetable paella doesn’t disappoint me. Squeeze some lime on it, put a spoonful in your mouth, close your eyes and relish the flavors. I don’t think the girls share my love for this one though.


IMG_3877Besugo al Horno – sea bream baked in olive oil and garlic
Unfortunately, the fish is a bit overcooked this time. Love the garlic slices the most.


IMG_3881Chuleton – rib eye steak
Medium rare for me, medium well for everyone else. The meat is very tender, the knife cuts through it like butter. Just a sprinkling of rock salt and I am in steak heaven. 
Listen to the food blogger. Have it medium rare.


IMG_3890Blueberry Cheesecake sans the blueberry syrup, because Jen doesn’t like blueberries.
Sweet and creamy. Nothing to tell your mama about.


IMG_3893The ice cream style Tiramisu looks like its been hit by a tornado. Not authentic,
but still pretty good.


Thanks for the treat, Jen and Sheryl! Already looking forward to next December!


Jen, Sheryl, Me, Sherelle, Sherylou


La Tienda: 43 Polaris Street, Bel-Air Village , Makati, Philippines. Tel: +632-890-4123

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