Saturday, December 18, 2010

Quincy Hotel, The Food Ӫ

My room at the Quincy comes with free breakfast, lunch and dinner, among many other things.

Because the lobby restaurant is not very big, I know not to expect a looooong breakfast spread with a helluva food. I expect it to be short, but sweet.


IMG_1432And it is short. But not too sweet.


IMG_1429Beans, fried rice, scrambled egg, hash brown, chicken sausage, bacon


IMG_1427Fruits and pitiful selection of cheese and cold cuts (sorry, Quincy)


IMG_1430Chicken porridge, cereals, yogurt, toast


IMG_1433Coffee and tea


IMG_1435There isn’t much to eat. Food is bland and oily. This is probably the first time in ages
I don’t finish everything on my plate.


IMG_1441So I opt for something more reliable, but even the strawberry yogurt tastes diluted.


Disappointed, I decide to skip lunch and treat my stomach to something nice and colorful at Paradise Dynasty.


Still curious and hopeful about Quincy’s dinner service, I invite Stelson, my good friend Pepper’s boyfriend who is currently in town for medical fellowship, to join me for the meal.


IMG_1269Fillet of Sirloin Steak in Black Peppercorn Sauce – quite a challenge to chew


IMG_1272Casoncelli alla Bergamasca – homemade pasta filled with minced beef, chicken, pork, raisins, amaretti cookies and lemon zest, served in a butter and sage sauce, topped with parma ham and parmesan cheese. Nothing extraordinary.


IMG_1276Tiramisu – decent although it looks prettier than it tastes


The food at Quincy is simple, boring, forgettable AND free. So I should just shut my big mouth and stop complaining.

Anyway, we’re off to Jones the Grocer for some yummy wine and cheese.


Stelson and me


Quincy Hotel: 22 Mount Elizabeth, Singapore. Tel: +65 6738 5888

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