Saturday, December 25, 2010

Jaan ♥ ♥ ♥ ♥



You know when sometimes you enter into a room and you just smile?

That’s me and Jaan.


IMG_0871Intimate and cozy with a beautiful cloud of flame-shaped murano glass chandelier that makes me feel like I just walked into a fairytale.


IMG_0940And did I mention it has a breathtaking view of the Lion City?


It’s so romantic I can’t help but smile.


IMG_0877Pissaladiere – bread dough topped with the sweetest white onions from Southern France. Clean, delicate, unpretentious flavors. More smiles from me.


IMG_0881Pumpkin velouté with parmesan chip, dill salad and sour cream
Perfect marriage between pumpkin and parmesan, creamy and crispy, sweet and salty


IMG_0884Olive and thyme bread, sourdough, black truffle brioche, and baguette served with sheep butter and salted butter – I love the truffle brioche the best and have quite a few pieces of it


IMG_0889Avocado – Caviar – Fresh Almonds
Finally, after a few minutes of admiring it, I bring myself to cut a small piece from this beautiful and intricate work of art, and my palate is treated to a smooth, subtle taste of the ocean followed by the nutty buttery taste of the avocado.


IMG_0894Foie Gras – Rose Hip – Five Spices
The sweet and tart rose hip puree complements nicely the rich and creamy foie gras mousse. Love the crunchy bits on the right.


IMG_0898Boudin Blanc – Madeira – Mushrooms
Pheasant boudin blanc with chanterelle mushroom and aubergine puree and madeira sauce. In short, sausage. But this sausage is like nothing I have ever tried before. It is so fresh and light, like foam. And all the sauces that come with it exist only to beautify its flavor.
Simply delicious.


IMG_0907Scallops – Apple – Hazelnut
If this pan fried Norwegian scallop were to take human form, it would be me –
tender, juicy, plump and sweet. Hehehe.


IMG_0911Lamb – Aubergine – Olives
What can I say, Wales marsh lamb is delicate in flavor, a bit sweet even, and super duper soft


IMG_0915Sea Bass – Artichokes – Parsley
Skin is crisp while fish remains moist and tender. Love the crunchy and salty squid, tastes like it’s fresh out of the sea


IMG_0925Pre-dessert: Vanilla panna cotta, hawthorn jelly, lemon espuma and thyme
This is too sweet but the combination of the ingredients works wonders for my palate.
I like it very, very much.


IMG_0931Peach – Blackcurrant – Cream
I am hopelessly in love with the marinated peach


IMG_0952Strawberry ice cream, strawberry chocolate, strawberry dust – a very nice surprise


IMG_0960Petit fours: cream puff, hazelnut barquette, passion fruit marshmallow, lavender licorice macaron, pineapple and lime jelly


Tea and coffee, almond nougatine and rum praline


IMG_0962Sugar cubes!!! I grew up eating these!


Jaan is all about simplicity and exquisiteness, beautiful execution, honest and unpretentious flavors, topnotch service and romantic, dreamlike ambiance.

Whenever I think about my meal at Jaan, I just can’t help but smile.


Jaan: Level 70, Swissotel The Stamford, 2 Stamford Road, Singapore.
Tel: +65 6431 5670

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