Saturday, December 25, 2010

Jin Shan at Marina Bay Sands ♥



I don’t understand why we even bother to make reservations.

They still make us wait like close to forever. (Okay, I’m exaggerating, but 19 minutes is still precious time)

If only this meal weren’t part of the Marina Bay Sands room package.


IMG_1975I kill time admiring this beautiful display of Louis XIII de Remy Martin


IMG_1984And this funky mama with pink feather skirt, psychedelic sandal boots and
orange-lime green ostrich skin Kelly


IMG_1999Pickled lotus root – vinegary, gingery, refreshing and crisp. Whets the appetite.


IMG_2001Shark’s fin and fish maw soup – too salty and there isn’t much fin. Should be renamed
Fish Maw and Scallop Soup.


IMG_2008Steamed codfish with dou su – the fish is bland and terribly overcooked, the soy bean crumbs hard and flavorless.


IMG_2003Deep-fried prawns with blackberry mayonnaise honey sauce – prawns are big and succulent. I don’t really taste blackberry in the sauce, but still pretty good especially when eaten together with the crunchy almond slices.


IMG_1997Chinese mushrooms with bok choy – I am biased. I love vegetables.


IMG_2006Yang Chow fried rice – smells really, really good, but can’t say it tastes the same


IMG_2015Red bean soup with lotus seeds – sickeningly sweet. Diabetes in a bowl.


Disappointing last meal in Singapore.

All because I couldn’t resist a free meal.



Jin Shan: Lobby Level, Tower 2, Marina Bay Sands Hotel, 10 Bayfront Avenue, Singapore. Tel: +65 6688 7733

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