Thursday, November 18, 2010

Sweet Basil Thai Cuisine ♥


Thanks to Ninang Angela, I’ve finally stepped foot in Whampoa after having lived in Hong Kong for close to 3 years.

And thanks to Ninang Adi for suggesting Thai food, I am seriously giving up eating if served another Chinese meal.

Well, not really, but anyway…


IMG_0247 Chicken soup with coconut milk – the chicken is dry and the soup a bit too watery


IMG_0248Pomelo salad – sweet and citrusy


IMG_0249Deep fried minced catfish with shredded green mango – I don’t really care for the catfish,
but the green mango salad rocks!


IMG_0251Thai palace king prawn – overcooked


IMG_0253Fried rice with seafood in pineapple – nothing too exciting except for the discovery
of a little insect friend hiding in it


IMG_0254Pad thai – tastes more like Chinese noodles tossed in sweet chili sauce. Has none of the tamarind tang and the salty fishiness of fish sauce found in the real deal.


IMG_0256Fried cabbage sprouts – crunchy and garlicky


IMG_0258Fried baby oysters with egg on sizzling plate – as you can see from the photo,
everybody can’t wait. This is delicious.


IMG_0268Green chicken curry – the chicken pieces are hard and dry, like chicken jerky.
The curry sauce is spicy and sweet. Yup, sweet.


IMG_0271Garlic bread – warm and crisp, for mopping up the curry


IMG_0274Sticky rice with mango – the coconut cream and sticky rice are not too sweet, the mango naturally very sweet. Easily my favorite dish of the meal.


IMG_0270Thai iced tea


IMG_0276 Auntie Judy, Auntie Jocelyn, Ninang Angela, Ninang Adi, Mom, Me, Dad, Auntie Baby



Sweet Basil Thai Cuisine 金不換泰國餐廳: Shop G3B, G/F, Site 4, Whampoa Garden, Tak Fung Street, Hung Hom, Hong Kong. 紅磡德豐街黃埔花園4期地下G3B號舖. Tel: +852-23561182

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