Friday, November 19, 2010

1929 Bar and Lounge at Tian Di ♥ ♥ ♥


Attention all the women in the world: If your husband/boyfriend/lover/father/brother tells you he is just going to a neighborhood bar and lounge in San Juan to chill, BEWARE!!! You have all the reason to worry/doubt/pout/get paranoid/think suspicious thoughts/pick a fight/start a war and demand to tag along.

Because this place is dark, sexy, spicy.

It is full of temptations.


IMG_9501The inviting bar and lounge area


IMG_9520Plush and cushy seating


IMG_9529Private area for groups


IMG_9534Another favorite spot


IMG_9503They also have this bigger room


IMG_9532With luxurious furniture and mood lighting


IMG_9505And an exclusive VIP room – The Rockstar


IMG_9507Where, as soon as you enter, you forget yourself completely and are transported
back to 1920’s Shanghai


IMG_9511Nostalgic. Dramatic. Seductive. Romantic.


IMG_9514You can relax and loosen up in this steamy hot tub


IMG_9509And let the Tian Di therapists perform their magic on you


IMG_9512Sitting area where you enjoy a cup of tea… or a bottle of scotch


IMG_9525Look at these men already planning their escapades (with their wives, I hope!)


As for me, I’m here for the food.

IMG_94991929 serves wonderful cocktails and awesome crispy wontons


Tian Di: 387 P. Guevarra Street, Barangay Addition Hills, San Juan, Tel: +632-722-9869, +639228912704, +639188030909

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