Tuesday, November 16, 2010

Jasmine ♥


It is raining outside so we spend the day in Festival Walk, walking, eating, walking, eating… And after all the walking and eating, we have dinner at Jasmine.


IMG_0280   Pickled vegetable – whets the appetite


IMG_0297Triple taste of tomato (L-R): tomato with steamed egg white – quite ordinary,
tomato with sesame sauce – creamy and addicting,
tomato with lobster meat and udon – soggy udon in lobster bisque


IMG_0300 Steamed prawn on egg white with “tai diao” rice liquor – light and delicate… and boring


IMG_0302Deep fried tofu coated with chili and coconut milk flavor – crisp on the outside,
creamy and silky inside


IMG_0311Steamed egg white and fresh crabmeat with lobster sauce – this is the entree size (sans udon) of the “tomato with lobster and udon” from the Triple Taste of Tomato appetizer.
It is like eating lobster bisque with jiggly egg white and chunks of crabmeat. I quite like it.


IMG_0307Red braised pork in young pumpkin – ok lah


IMG_0304Steamed gai-lan with oyster sauce – Dad’s favorite vegetable


IMG_0308 Fried rice with diced duck meat, scallop and conpoy in casserole – looks tasty but
actually quite bland


IMG_0295Congee with conpoy – plain congee with exactly 5 strands of conpoy


IMG_0282Hot yiyi ren and pear, hot longan rose honey, hot salt lemon and osmanthus.
I like the middle cup best, albeit being a bit too sweet, the first cup second,
the third cup I do not like at all. But if I have to do this meal all over again,
I’ll stick with my usual drink of plain hot water.


IMG_0315With Mom and Dad



Jasmine 八月花 : Shop 25, G/F, Festival Walk, 80 Tat Chee Avenue, Kowloon Tong, Kowloon, Hong Kong. 九龍塘達之路80號又一城G層25號舖. Tel: +852-23330222

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