Sunday, November 28, 2010

Chef’s Table by Chef Bruce Lim ♥ ♥

You must know by now how delinquent a blogger I am. There are times when I haven’t even composed the first sentence about a restaurant and suddenly it closes down on me. Happened a lot of times. Still happening now.



But no worries, Chef’s Table is still in operation. (Whew!) It just moved to its new location at the Fort. I have yet to visit the new place, but not before I finish this. So guys, please do not get all mixed up, this is at the old Kalayaan address.


IMG_1620Roasted Tomato Halaan Soup – the clams are plump, chewy and plentiful although I find the soup just okay. Maybe more ginger?


IMG_1623Chicken Caesar Salad – now this salad I really enjoyed. The chicken is not the usual dry, cardboard-tasting chicken that you push to the side of your plate. It is tender, full of sweet-tamarindy paksiw flavor, and the dressing made from calamansi and patis brings this truly Filipino Caesar salad experience up the highest level.


IMG_1628Fried Pusit with Green Mango Salad – the squid is soft but too oily and can definitely use more seasoning. The green mango salsa saves this dish.


IMG_1630Pan-seared Lapu Lapu with Mongo Sauce – I have to say, the mongo sauce on this perfectly cooked fish is genius. But what really made the greatest impression on me is the camote leaves drenched in bagoong and vinegar, gives the punch to the whole dish. 
Chef Bruce proudly announces that this got him featured in the Time Magazine, it is so good it made the author’s mom cry. Awww. Imagine that.


IMG_1631Braised Pork Belly with Chicken Rice – the reason why the mustasa is so bitter, Chef Bruce jokes, is to make this dish seem healthier. Ha. Ha. The bitterness brings out the sweetness of the pork belly, which is tender on most parts, but can be more tender on some.
I think mom’s version is much better.


IMG_1636Banana Mango Jubilee –
so good I wish it came in a full size aquarium rather than this little martini glass


I guess what played a big part in making this an enjoyable meal, aside from sharing it with new friends, old friends, and long lost friends, is Chef Bruce’s fun and easygoing personality. In between cooking, explaining the dishes and inviting everyone to come up and watch him work, he entertains us with stories about his out-of-this-world experiences, of which most he’d rather keep off the record.


IMG_1617Do not be fooled. This is a funny, funny guy.


Old friends, new friends, long lost friends


Chef’s Table (New Location): Unit 106, The Ininity Tower, 26th Street, The Fort Global City, Taguig, Philippines. Tel: + 639188871277, +639228712777, +632-3991888

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