Monday, November 22, 2010

Dream Bangkok ♥ ♥

Bangkok has so many boutique hotels it’s so hard to choose The One.

So I just picked something new… and something blue. And something by Vikram Chatwal.

I also happen to like its name. I do it all the time. Most especially during the day.



IMG_8136Dream disco ball cube


Dream has two parts to it. The main reception, concierge, cashier and almost everything you need, including the hotel’s only restaurant, Flava, are in the main building, Dream 1.

IMG_8023 Dream 1 Lobby


IMG_8342 Modern Thai touches


IMG_8047Dream 2, which houses the swimming pool and Avatar Spa, is just across the
very narrow street. It is also where my room is.


IMG_8027 Dream 2 Lobby


IMG_8147 Psychedelic wall


IMG_8149“Biz”ness Center


IMG_8046 Hallway to my room


IMG_8029All lights on


IMG_8031 Blue lights on
The blue lights are supposed to give the room a soothing, dreamy feel, but I find them too bright so they remain off the duration of my stay. I can only sleep in pitch-darkness.


IMG_8035 Bed is comfy and clean


IMG_8032 Sitting area with welcome fruit plate


IMG_8033Glass-top writing desk


IMG_8795 Super cool postcards!
I don’t usually care about hotel stationery, but I am so taking these home.


IMG_8036 Robe and slippers


IMG_8039 Shower


IMG_8041 Toilet


IMG_8150 I get sweet treats every night. Chocolate chip cookies tonight.


IMG_8536 Thai sweets the next (and chocolate cookies again on the 3rd night)


I wake up early enough for the breakfast buffet only on the last day. (Why can’t breakfast hours extend till 1:00pm? Why?!?)

IMG_8343 The blue and white tiger guarding Flava restaurant


                              Hot food station                                                               Omelet station


IMG_8359 IMG_8354
                                   Fresh fruits                                                                   Milk and juices


There is nothing exciting about the breakfast choices, plus a big lunch is happening soon so this is all I have:

IMG_8350 IMG_8352
Corn, pancake, siomai, tomato, cheeses, ham, watermelon, muesli, wheat bran, coco pops


Service at Dream, like all other establishments in Thailand, is warm and friendly. I would stay here again if only there aren’t so many other chic-looking hotels located just outside the BTS/MRT station and on the main streets (makes it so much easier to get a cab). I don’t usually mind the 5 to 10-minute walk, but in the suffocating Bangkok heat, I’d rather not. Now if only Dream offers tuk-tuk service to guests like the serviced apartment next door…


Dream Bangkok: 10 Sukhumvit Soi 15, Bangkok, Thailand. Tel: +66 2254 8500

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