Tuesday, November 23, 2010

Flava at Dream Bangkok Ӫ

I read some reviews that Flava is fresh so I save it for our last meal before heading out to the Suvarnabhumi. And how wonderful that it is located right smack in our hotel, the Dream Bangkok.


When we arrive, we are told that the main Flava Restaurant is closed for a private event. (Boo!) But they can readily accommodate us at Flava Lite at the top floor of Dream 2. (Yey!) Same menu, same food, same kitchen, just a different setting right beside the hotel’s rooftop pool. 

Methinks the view should be very nice.


IMG_8638 And it is.


But that’s the only thing that is. Once we are seated, everything goes downhill.

The aircon is not even turned on. And you know in the sweltering heat in Bangkok, it takes forever to cool a room.

And another thing that takes forever here at Flava Lite is the food. I understand the kitchen is in the main building but still, it takes less than 15 seconds to cross the street from Dream 1 to Dream 2. And when the food finally arrives, it is cold. Okay, room temperature. It’s not even warm.


IMG_8642 Tom Kha Gai – soup is cold, chicken pieces hard and dry


IMG_8639 Pad Thai – flavors are too strong, and the strong flavors taste more Chinese than Thai


IMG_8645 Green Curry with Soft Shell Crabs – the crabs are raw and soggy, the curry doesn’t
taste like curry at all. Epic fail!


IMG_8641New Zealand Lamb Chops – not that great, but still a great deal better than
all the Thai dishes combined


What a sorry way to end my Bangkok overeating trip. 


Flava Restaurant: Dream Bangkok, 10 Sukhumvit Soi 15, Bangkok, Thailand.
Tel: +66 2254 8500

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