Saturday, November 20, 2010

Cabbages & Condoms Ӫ

This morning I wake up with a craving for condoms.

So I go to a condom restaurant and have my fill.

Only in Bangkok!

IMG_8599“Our food is guaranteed not to cause pregnancy.” That’s good to know!


IMG_8544 Condom Man and Tiger Woods


IMG_8591Santa Condom, Condom Boy and Condom Mom


No, this is not just some pervert’s restaurant business. Cabbages & Condoms is actually conceptualized by the Population and Community Development Association (PDA) of Thailand to promote better understanding and acceptance of family planning and to generate income to support various development activities of the organization. PDA builds schools around the country, too. Check out the board on Condom Mom’s right.


IMG_8585See? Even Mona Lisa approves.


IMG_8590 Look at what she’s holding. Durex. No wonder the smile.


Sadly, the food at Cabbages & Condoms is not as grand as its mission.

IMG_8548 Rice crackers – the best tasting item of the meal


IMG_8554Tom yam gung – I cannot pinpoint what, but this is lacking something. Actually, a lot of things. The shrimps are dry and rubbery, too.


IMG_8562 Deep fried soft shell crab cooked in thick curry paste – fail!


IMG_8564 Roasted young mountain chicken bathed in wild honey – the chicken is tasteless
without the sauces


IMG_8573 Pad thai gung sod – nice presentation is all


IMG_8558Fresh coconut – my favorite Bangkok drink


IMG_8595 Free condoms as you exit. What’s your size?


It’s fun to look around and it is for a good cause, but other than that, there is really nothing special about the food at C&C.

In fact, the vendors outside the restaurant serve better tasting food.

IMG_8539Grilled meat vendor


IMG_8540 Chicken quarters, pork barbeque, gizzards, whole fish, pig ears, etc, etc


IMG_8600 Drinks vendor


IMG_8602Sweetened condensed milk + green tea powder + hot water + evaporated milk


IMG_8605Ta-da!!! My delicious iced milk green tea!


Cabbages and Condoms: 6 Sukhumvit 12, Klongtoey, Bangkok, Thailand.
Tel:+66 2229 4611 Ext. 331

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