Saturday, November 20, 2010

Calypso Cabaret ♥ ♥ ♥


When in Bangkok, after you’ve used up all your baht shopping, after you’ve had so many Thai massages your body is too raw and tender it cannot take any more lovin’, head to the super antique Asia Hotel and watch beautiful men twirl, sing and dance.

It is a fun, fun show!


IMG_8188The Calypso Theater


IMG_8192The First Lady


IMG_8195Italy – Young, beautiful, handsome


IMG_8201The Opening Show


IMG_8204Lots and lots of legs and feathers


IMG_8206The Chinese Ballad


IMG_8210 The Ostrich Parade


IMG_8214Carmen Miranda


IMG_8224   Blossom


IMG_8215Wonder Girls




IMG_8226I want you


IMG_8232Taco Fantasy


IMG_8236   Smokin’ hot policewomen… or men


IMG_8259 IMG_8257
Two of the most beautiful (wo)men of the night




IMG_8251 All That Jazz


IMG_8266White Feathers


IMG_8269The Finale


IMG_8271After the show, the performers line the hallway so guests can have photos taken with them


IMG_8275   While this guy looks very uncomfortable and all grossed out…


IMG_8280this lady is striking a pose and going all out!


Hot Honey Rag


Remember, they are all MEN!!!


Calypso Cabaret: Asia Hotel, 296 Phayathai Road, Bangkok, Thailand

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