Friday, October 15, 2010

Da Ping Huo Ӫ


Unforgettable, the food in Da Ping Huo.

Because it is so… I hate to say it… b@d.

But still I come back, this time I bring my folks, because I think dining here is an experience in itself (wait and see!), plus I believe every restaurant, like every cheating boyfriend, deserves a second chance. Sometimes I’m just too kind and understanding and forgiving and naïve or just plain stupid like that.


IMG_0319Sweet and Sour Cucumber 糖醋香瓜 – more sweet than sour. I can actually feel the sugar granules in my mouth.


IMG_0321Marinated Vegetables 涼拌三絲 – at first I think there is only sweetness, and then the spiciness kicks in. What a traitor.


IMG_0324Hot and Sour Bean Sheets 酸辣粉皮 – now this is really hot! But I manage to take in quite a bit because I love gelatiny and wiggly things.


IMG_0328Chicken with Sichuan Spices & Chili Oil 口水雞 – my taste buds have already gone into a coma at this point so I can’t really comment on the taste, but the chicken feels soft and silky in my mouth.


IMG_0330Chicken Soup with Mushrooms & White Cabbage 雞豆花 – Mom says this tastes like feet. Ummm… I don’t know, Mom, I haven’t really tried tasting my foot. For me it just tastes old, like some grandmother’s… toes? Eeewww.


IMG_0333Sichuan Chili Prawn 川味泡椒蝦 – nothing special


IMG_0334Braised Beef Brisket 紅燒牛肉 – the beef is very tender and is spicy only on the outside. Seems like the chilies didn’t penetrate deep, thank God! Or it is because my tongue has gone completely numb? This is the only dish I like.


IMG_0336Trust me when I say this bowl of rice is VERY essential


IMG_0338Steamed Spareribs and Pumpkin 粉蒸南瓜排骨 – just okay


IMG_0341Mapo Tofu  麻婆豆腐 – surprisingly, this is not too spicy. Good but not great.
(Sorry, camera is going bonkers on me)


IMG_0342Bean Soup 碗豆湯 – really??? Tastes like warm water with some lettuce in it


IMG_0344Dumplings 鐘水餃 – I don’t know how the chef could have allowed this super thick-skinned dumpling out of the kitchen. Seriously, I think a toddler can do a better job making finer dumpling wrappers with Play-Doh.


IMG_0350White Fungus Bean Curd Soup 雪耳豆腐花 – unexciting, too sweet, and cannot decide whether it wants to be hot or cold


So what is so special about dining in Da Ping Huo?

After everyone is done with dessert, Mr. Wang, the owner and the artist responsible for all artworks in this basement restaurant, introduces lovingly Mrs. Wang – his wife, the mother of their child(ren?), the master chef of Da Ping Huo.

Mrs. Ma comes out of the kitchen in her apron, smiling shyly at the diners while walking demurely to the front of the room. She clears her throat and starts singing this:


The surprise performance



Lesson learned.

Bad-ass spicy food, cheating boyfriends and bad endings… never again!


Me, Ritchie, Dad and Mom with the 3-in-1 master chef, opera singer and cashier Mrs. Wang



Da Ping Huo 大平伙: L/G, Hilltop Plaza, 49 Hollywood Road, Central, Hong Kong. 中環蘇豪荷李活道49號鴻豐商業中心地下低層. Tel: +852-2559 1317

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