Sunday, October 17, 2010

Tai Ping Koon 太平館餐廳 ♥


Ever since Ninang Adi raved about the ham fried rice in Tai Ping Koon, Mom has not been able to take her mind off it.

She just NEEDS to have it.


So here we are in Nostalgia Land.
Trivia: Tai Ping Koon is founded in 1860 during Qing Dynasty. How cool is that!


IMG_0090First, some hot and delicious soft rolls


IMG_0092And then here it is, the reason we come to Tai Ping Koon today – Ham and Egg Fried Rice.
It’s just alright, but I know why Ninang Adi likes it, it’s not too oily, not too salty, and not laden with MSG like others you get out there. But you see, if I am going to break my no-rice diet (AS IF!!!), I’d do it most extravagantly, with all the excitement, the oil and the works.


IMG_0097Roasted Pigeon – what Tai Ping Koon is most famous for. The pigeon is sweet and meaty,
and the sauce comes with pigeon innards tied up together. Yum!


IMG_0100Plates and plates and plates of the bird


IMG_0103Baked Crab Meat – a lot of crab meat, but a lot of flour mix in it, too.


IMG_0106Baked Seafood Rice – good, but not something you will remember for long


IMG_0109Dessert of the day – I’m really sorry, but this tastes like kitchen towel topped with
month-old icing


Me, Mom, Dad, Shirley


 Picture 011 Probably the second most popular item in Tai Ping Koon, after the pigeon, is this humongous soufflé. It’s light and fluffy, but not sweet enough. That’s me some years ago attacking the thing with my mom cheering on. It takes 30 minutes to make so order early.


P.S. Please, no unsolicited comments about the resemblance between the soufflé and my face. Thank you very much!


Tai Ping Koon 太平館餐廳: 40 Granville Road, Tsim Sha Tsui, Kowloon, Hong Kong. 尖沙咀加連威老道40號. Tel: +852-2721-3559

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