Monday, September 6, 2010

Reignah’s 1st Birthday at Dusit Thani

Gone are the days when children’s birthdays are celebrated at home, with McDonald’s takeout and a simple chocolate birthday cake.

Nowadays the kids parents go wild.

After all, how does an innocent 1 year old organize all this? 

IMG_9287The Dusit Ballroom


IMG_9346The stage and the magician’s props


IMG_9343The Disney Castle cake


IMG_9388The occupants of Table 23 22: Sherylou, Me, Nelson, Diane, Candy, Hershey, Helen and Dewey, with little Seth, Maika, Cami, Shasha and baby Drew


IMG_9394The birthday celebrant, Reignah, oblivious to all. 
And Mama Jennifer, mastermind of all.


IMG_9308Salad and appetizers


IMG_9294  Sushi and cold cuts


IMG_9323Braised beef provencale


IMG_9319Roast pork tenderloin on mustard sauce


IMG_9318   Grilled marinated chicken thighs with eastern persillade


IMG_9316Penne arrabiata


IMG_9325Pan fried salmon and green pepper


IMG_9311Buttered vegetables


IMG_9312Marble potatoes with garlic and herbs


IMG_9327And of course, Cebu lechon!


IMG_9293Selection of jell-os, cakes, tarts, brownies, panna cotta and fresh fruits


IMG_9347Ooh! Champola” yogurt ice cream


IMG_9356♫♪♫ Happy birthday, Reignah Marie Iyesha Joy, happy birthday, Reignah Marie Iyesha Joy… ♫♪♫ (ugh, why give kids such a hard time?)


IMG_9355 The goodie bags


IMG_9369Big brother Kaizer giving away the loot


IMG_9380Happy birthday, little one! 
Many more Minnie Mouse noses for you to eat! :P


IMG_9399 Sherylou, little Maika, Nelson, little Seth, Me, Jen, Irwin, little Reignah, Mike



Dusit Thani Manila: Ayala Centre, Makati City, Metro Manila, Philippines. Tel: +632-867-3333

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