Monday, September 6, 2010

Yorkshire Pudding ♥


I am never good with farewells and despedidas, so the night I say goodbye to great friends in Hong Kong, I cushion the pain with British food.


IMG_0102Deep Fried Mushrooms served with Garlic Aioli – fried foods are a comfort in times like this


IMG_0097Salmon and Prawn Cake with Creamy Spinach – and I say it again, anything fried is good cushioning. Crunchy and tasty.


IMG_0096Fish and Chips – big and generous pieces of fish, but they taste just alright


IMG_0098Bangers and Mash – ho hum. Gravy is runny.


IMG_0100Yorkshire Pudding with Cawl – Welsh stew of leeks, parsnips, and very little lamb (2 pieces to be exact). Pudding is pretty boring, too.


Note to self: Stick with fried appetizers next time.

IF there will even be a next time.


IMG_0105With my good friends in Hong Kong: Cathy, Melvin, Alvin, Charmaine, Tinnie, Carol, Ritchie


Goodbye, Yorkshire Pudding!

And see you again soon, my friends!


Yorkshire Pudding: 6 Staunton Street, SoHo, Hong Kong. Tel: +852-25369968

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