Monday, September 6, 2010

The Food at Bohol Beach Club Ӫ


It is so very thoughtful and generous of Javi and Marie to book us rooms at the Bohol Beach Club. They are already going through the very difficult task of getting married, suffering from all the emotional strains and turmoils that come with the acceptance of being a prisoner for life (nah, I’m just a bitter retard spinster), yet they still make certain all their guests are comfortable and well taken care of.

Thank you so much, Javi and Marie!

But too much excitement and I forget to take pictures of the rooms, so this post will be purely about the food.


When dining in Bohol Beach Club, you may…

IMG_7497Be a social butterfly and dine in style with your friends on the beach


IMG_7504Table setting so white and chic


IMG_7502Be a loner and dine on your own admiring the sea


IMG_7511 Or be a romantic and dine on a hammock


IMG_7522But, oooops, this thing can’t even fit two voluptuous women!


IMG_7537So we have no choice but to have our lunch at the resort’s restaurant


IMG_7539Fresh Buko




IMG_7541 Beef Steak


IMG_7542 Chicken Adobo


IMG_7544 Binagoongang Lechon Kawali


IMG_7545Beef Kaldereta


I hate to say it, but the food is really bad. Not even mediocre at best.

What do I do after such a disappointing meal?

Lay on the hammock and sleep the bad calories away.


IMG_7527The view to my right


IMG_7529The view to my left


IMG_7534Ahhh..… give me some foie gras and this is the life.


Bohol Beach Club: Bo. Bolod, Panglao Island, Bohol, Philippines.
Tel: +63-38-502-9222.

Manila Reservations Office: Room 1401, Victoria Building, United Nations Avenue, Ermita, Manila, Philippines. Tel: +632-522-2301 to 04

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