Saturday, September 4, 2010

Of Chocolate Hills and Tarsiers ♥ ♥


I don’t know how, but we did it. Panting and perspiring, we made it to the top.



DSC_0139Chocolate hills PROOF. And 1776 of them, too.


DSC_0152We would like to thank our families and friends who have supported us through this very difficult journey…


DSC_0140Can you believe, before a massive geologic shift, all of this used to be underwater? (That’s what the plaque says)


DSC_0148And that these “hills” are actually coral reefs that erupted from the sea?
The green finishing touches are courtesy of the wind, water and rain over hundred of thousands of years.


Well, you do now.

Amazing, huh?

Another amazing thing is this little Tarsier creature. It is the tiniest primate to date and resembles a minikin monkey on an overdose of “E.” Also (listen to this), the size of the tarsier’s brain is the equivalent size of its eyeball.

Approximately 16mm in diameter.

On second thought, I can name a number of people even more amazing than the tarsier, with the size of their entire brains much smaller than a nostril.


DSC_0164Oh no! Humans again!!!


DSC_0169It tickles!!! Take it off! Take it off!!!


DSC_0175bForgive me, but I just HAVE to do this. Hahaha!


DSC_0182This little tarsier is dozing off


DSC_0187This little tarsier is trying to swallow a cricket


DSC_0193 And this is my friend Jeremy trying to be a little tarsier!



Chocolate Hills: Carmen, Bohol, Philippines

Philippine Tarsiers: many viewing sites scattered in Bohol

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