Saturday, September 4, 2010

Loboc River Watch Floating Resto ♥


After our Chocolate Hills and Tarsiers adventure, we are now ready for some lovin’ (in my vocab, this means eatin’).


DSC_0228Chiz, Me and Jeremy, ready to eat and float


DSC_0201The Loboc river cruise starts here, near the Loboc Church


DSC_0225It takes you down a winding river and all you see is GREEN. Jade green waters surrounded by lush green nipa palms, green banana groves and
green coconut trees


DSC_0237Until it reaches Busay Falls (where you can jump off and swim) then the boat makes a u-turn to take you back to see more green


Remember, we are also here for the food.

DSC_0207A small buffet spread of simple local dishes – grilled fish, grilled squid,
grilled chicken, fried chicken, pork barbeque, pansit sotanghon, puto,
suman, and tropical fruits


DSC_0211My first go


Aside from the on-board singing crew, we enjoy riverside entertainment, too.

DSC_0241Tinikling, the Philippine National Dance


DSC_0239And some dancing with long poles to a medley of Boholano songs


DSC_0209Jin’s travel tip: Try this if you are on a diet or want to save a few hundred pesos


Loboc River Watch Floating Resto

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