Thursday, September 9, 2010

Little Sheep Hotpot 小肥羊 ♥ ♥

It’s sort of retarded to have hotpot in the heat of Hong Kong summer (ok, this happened way back in July 2009… surprise!!!), but here we are with a big boiling pot of hot and spicy garlic-chilies-and-herbs-filled broth in front of us, our chopsticks in position, ready to dip and wiggle, dip and wiggle all sorts of raw and slimy things in it.

Yeah, what a bunch of retards.

Thank God the airconditioning in Little Sheep makes summer feel like winter.


IMG_2694First, we order a Yin Yang Pot (non-spicy half for the cowards amongst us)


IMG_2693Then we throw in some fresh homemade balls: beef, lamb, fish and shrimp


IMG_2701Then we stick in some prawns


IMG_2716Some sliced fish


IMG_2721And an assortment of scallops and mussels

The End.



NAAAHHHH, we are not THAT retarded.

Of course we gotta have meat. Meat is indispensable. Meat keeps us sane.


IMG_2698Premium lamb slices


IMG_2710Fatty beef  slices


IMG_2703 Supreme fatty beef slices


IMG_2708Marinated pork fillet


IMG_2713Lamb fillet


IMG_2727Okay, we force ourselves to have some tong ho vegetables (my favorite!) and Chinese lettuce to balance the meal


IMG_2728And a few squares of fresh and frozen tofu for soy protein


Think this.

A simple, church-going, good girl chicken soup.

Now feed that innocent little girl with dried chilies, Szechuan peppers, gogi berries, and a multitude of funky-looking Chinese herbs I don’t even dare to identify.

The good girl soup then mutates into this wild and crazy Lady Gaga brew that is intense, rich, aromatic, spicy, salty, and oozing with attitude.

Really, it is no rocket science. And this is also why Little Sheep does not serve top quality meats. Because whatever you dip into that Lady Gaga pot, will come out insanely and erotically delicious.

I promise you will consume more than you really should.

And no hotpot experience will ever be the same again.


IMG_2729For those of us still hungry after all that boiled flesh (both my hands raised), hello there, roasted lamb ribs!


After such a big meal, desserts are necessary.


Little Sheep 小肥羊: 2/F, Causeway Bay Plaza II, 463-483 Lockhart Road, Causeway Bay, Hong Kong. Tel: +852-2893-8318

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