Thursday, September 9, 2010

Agnes b. Cafe l.p.g. ♥ ♥

After that heavy Lady Gaga hotpot dinner (a big garlic-chili-breath burp, excuse me!), The Stomach needs a dose of caffeine.

So we all take a detour to Agnes b. Cafe to get The Stomach a cup of coffee.


IMG_2750Lemon Tartlet – I don’t usually go for citrus flavors but this is a pleasant surprise. A good balance of sweet and tangy on a nice buttery crust.


IMG_2744Chloe – The Stomach’s favorite combo: chocolate and hazelnut. Add some feuilletine for some crunch and sponge cake for some… umm… sponginess?
Tell me, what stomach in its right mind can ever resist this?


IMG_2732 Chocolate Chestnut Cake – the chestnut mousse is smooth and light, and rests on a crunchy chocolate base. Still, The Stomach is not a fan of chestnut desserts so it is not too impressed.


IMG_2734American Cheesecake – ok lah, but could be richer and denser


IMG_2738Chocolate Truffle Cake – smooth and moist but lacks that evil richness of real dark chocolate


IMG_2752Aha, and there’s The Stomach’s caffeine boost.
Sadly though, not half as strong as it requires.


IMG_2754Clockwise from The Stomach: Violette, Jesmin, Ann, Edith


IMG_2757And whoever said men don’t suffer from sweet tooth obviously hasn’t met these three: Teelie, David, Hubert


Agnes b. Cafe l.p.g,: Shop P101, wtc more, 280 Gloucester Road, Causeway Bay, Hong Kong. Tel: +852-2890-2989.

Many branches across Hong Kong.

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