Wednesday, September 8, 2010

1/5 Nuevo ♥

“Are you Jin?”

That is how we first met. During the crazy Hong Kong rush hour, inside Admiralty MTR station. He was by the door inside the train, and I was on the platform waiting for the next one, because it would be too inconsiderate to squeeze thy fatness into the already jam-packed train.

That was his first 3 words to me, after looking at each other funnily and questioningly. After all, we just read each other’s blogs and see glimpses of each other’s photos online. And really, these times, you can’t be sure whose images people are posting as their own. I’ve seen too many Brad Pitts and George Clooneys named Frank Choi, Dave Torres, Justin Cheung, etc. etc.

“Yes. Are you Jason?”

And that was it. The beginning of a friendship built on mutual love for food.

1/5 Nuevo is where we had our first dinner together.   



Now if Jason the Bon Vivant thinks he is lazy, lazy and lazy, then I am lazier, lazier and lazier. Actually, I am The Laziest, because I am not only posting this 10 months and 10 days after this dinner actually happened, but I am also not going into details about the food. No, this is not blogging, I know. This is procrastinating. Fine, leather-whip me. I don’t care. I’m doing this the easy way by giving you the link to his entry. 



IMG_6292Chorizo sautéed with onions


IMG_6297Eggs and onion dip


IMG_6300 Pata negra Iberico ham


IMG_6304  Goose liver pies with port wine sauce


IMG_6306 Sea-bass and scallops ceviche


IMG_6310 That’s Jason on a paella presentation rescue mission after our server brutally massacred the thing (waiter was just trying to be helpful)


IMG_6311 Great job, J!


IMG_6313Steak Frites


We also had dessert but I committed The Ultimate Food Blogger Sin: Did Not Charge Camera Battery.

Oooops. Hehehe.

So read his blog. NOW!!!


1/5 Nuevo: 9 Star Street, Wanchai, Hong Kong. Tel: +852-2529-2300

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