Friday, August 13, 2010

Shanghai Series: Paradise Stonegrill & Lounge ♥

It is 12 midnight and you have the munchies.

What do you do?

Raid your kitchen, pantry or fridge, right?

But not me.

I go out and eat.


As in steak.


IMG_9542Bibs to protect the jammies


IMG_9543Salad for starters


IMG_9544Tomato soup to warm the stomach


IMG_9546230g of sirloin steak to fill the midnight snack craving


IMG_9547 Plus 280g of lamb chop to make a balanced diet


I’ve never seen such lazy kitchen staff as the ones here at Paradise.

They give you the meat raw and a hot stone to cook it with.

And you are on your own.

How good a cook you are, is how good your food will taste.

Thank God for high school Home Economic classes, my meat turns out just fine.


Please excuse me now.

Going back to bed.


Paradise Stonegrill & Lounge 乐园石头烧烤: 1/F, Block 5, Xintiandi South Block Plaza, Lane 123, Xingye Lu, Luwan District, Shanghai, China.  上海市卢湾区兴业路123弄新天地南里广场5号楼单元1F (近马当路). Tel: +8621-63877818

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