Saturday, August 14, 2010

Shanghai Series: Jesse Restaurant 吉士酒家 ♥ ♥ ♥ ♥



If you have been following my blog for some time now, you’ll notice I am not a big fan of Chinese food.

For those who do not follow my blog at all (you losers): Hello, my name is Jin, and I’m a non-Chinesefoodaholic.


But Jesse… 

Jesse is the exception.

Not one miss.

Not one flaw.

The food in Jesse is perfection.


IMG_6275Dates stuffed with glutinous rice 心太軟
What chewy rice balls can do to red dates… turn them from something I throw into the
trash whenever Mom is not looking, into something I can’t stop popping into my mouth. These ruby babies are simply delicious.


IMG_6278 Jellyfish with vinegar 老醋蜇頭
The jellyfish, vinegar, minced garlic and fresh coriander all conspire to excite my gustatory cells with the boldest and most beautiful flavors and textures.


IMG_6284 Mixed mushroom with bean curd sheet 腐竹熗蘑菇
Simple and light with the faintest hint of chili. Very nicely done.


IMG_6285 Snail meat with hotbed chives 韭黃螺絲肉
Crisp, sweet, crunchy and chewy, all at the same time. Quite difficult not to like.


IMG_6287Quick fried river shrimps 清炒蝦仁
Attractive not only to the eyes, but also to the taste. Scrumptious and sweet.


IMG_6289 Braised pork in brown sauce with cuttlefish 筍目魚燒肉
The lean part of the pork and the cuttlefish pieces are a bit tough to the bite, but the sweet brown sauce is alarmingly delicious I start fantasizing Eric Dane throwing a steaming bowl of rice in it, sexily stirring until every grain is covered in the glistening syrup and then feeding it seductively to my open mouth. Whew!


IMG_6294Crab fat with sheet jelly 蟹膏粉皮
This is so good it puts you in a state of temporary amnesia, making you forget how much cholesterol it actually contains, until such time you’ve had enough to guarantee your heart
a mild attack


IMG_6295 Braised superior sea cucumber with shrimp roe 蝦籽大烏參
Delicate, velvety and lush. Braised until the flavors of the brown sauce transfer into the
sea cucumber, giving the slippery thing a rich, sweet and salty taste.


IMG_6306Complimentary dessert – why oh why can’t they just give me cake?




Jesse is easily my favorite in Shanghai.

The place is small and casual, and always buzzing with activity. A restaurant that strives not to dazzle, but simply to reassure, Jesse’s dishes are well thought out and prepared with the utmost care, creating a perfect balance of flavors and textures to amaze every diner.


Mom and me. Truly amazed.


Jesse Restaurant 吉士酒家: 41 Tianping Road, Xuhui District, Shanghai, China. 徐汇区天平路41号(近淮海中路). Tel: +8621-6282 9260

Please do not confuse with New Jesse Restaurant 新吉士酒楼 in Xintiandi.

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