Friday, August 13, 2010

Shanghai Series: Nadaman ♥ ♥

Too lazy to go out of the hotel for lunch, we decide to stay in and pick a restaurant from the many choices Pudong Shangri-La offers.

IMG_9564Japanese, of course!


I love business lunch sets. They’re fast, they’re complete, and most of the time, they give you the best bang for your buck.


IMG_9568Chawanmushi and cold appetizer that come with the set – quite ordinary


IMG_9570Sukiyaki set – beef is not the best quality but we’re not paying wads of Mao for it either


IMG_9572Unagi set – my favorite Japanese rice topping. I wish they were more generous with the eel, or at least the kabayaki sauce



No green tea ice cream for dessert?!?!?!


The only problem with lunch sets is when the food reaches the finish line before my stomach does.

This is when the ala carte menu comes to the rescue.

IMG_9566Sweet shrimps – fresh, sweet and certainly not enough. I kinda like the odd-tasting seaweed squares, too.


IMG_9574Mixed tempura – fried beautifully, but tempura is just tempura


The food is alright, I guess.

But I still can’t get over the fact that there is no dessert.


Nadaman: Level 2, Grand Tower, Pudong Shangri-La, 33 Fu Cheng Road, Pudong, Shanghai, China. Tel: +8621-5888 3768

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