Monday, August 16, 2010

Shanghai Series: Mao Restaurant at Sofitel Hyland ♥ ♥ ♥


The RMB230 dining credit that comes with our hotel room package brings us to Mao for lunch.

The Cantonese restaurant at the Sofitel Hyland is all about quirky pieces of Chinese-style furniture and the bird’s-eye view of the bustling Nanjing Road.

It is also about the food.

Honest-to-goodness Cantonese food. 


IMG_6499 Shrimp dumplings – the skin meets my teeth with the softest resistance, giving way to the generous and succulent shrimp filling. Exquisiteness.


IMG_6505 Bean curd skin roll in abalone sauce – very, very tasty


IMG_6492 Poached gailan – and I dare say, this is the best vegetable dish I’ve had in my life! So fresh and crunchy I swear the people at the next table can hear us crunching


IMG_6507 Steamed sun ke fish – the fish could be something beautiful if they didn’t overcook it. Shame, shame.


IMG_6496  Fried rice with scallops, shrimps, gailan and mushrooms in abalone sauce – a complete meal in itself


IMG_6511Almond jelly in coconut cream – smooth and silky almond jelly topped with coconut cream, coconut strips, and three red beans.


IMG_6509Mango pudding – the pudding is rich and creamy, the mangoes very sweet. One of the best I’ve had in a while.


Dad, Mom and me, and Nanjing Lu backdrop


Mao Restaurant 毛家饭店: 5/F, Sofitel Shanghai Hyland, 505 Nanjing East Road, Shanghai, China. 上海索菲特海仑酒店, 上海南京东路505号. Tel: +8621-63515888

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