Tuesday, August 17, 2010

Shanghai Series: Di Shui Dong 滴水洞 ♥ ♥


I have a confession.

I like it hot and exciting.

I like trying and experimenting.

I like being pleasured and tortured.

And pleasured again.


IMG_6537 Spiced duck tongue 五香鸭舌 – not a bit spicy. Perfect for warming me up.


IMG_6539Chicken with red chili  剁椒雞 – then I feel the first kick of the chili. Oooohh.


IMG_6552Pickled beans sautéed with meat 酸豆角腊肉 – a bestseller in Di Shui Dong and is present in almost every table in the restaurant. Honestly, I cannot decide if I like it or not, too much sourness and spiciness at once makes my tongue feel like it’s being raped. A total assault on my taste buds. 


IMG_6544 Fried chicken dices with chili 辣子雞丁 – fried to a perfect crisp so delicious that even after everyone else has raised the white flag, I find myself still rummaging under the heap of chilies for little chicken bits and pieces.


IMG_6548 Steamed fish head with chopped red chili 剁椒鱼头 – relax, it’s actually not as bad as it looks. Marie assures me this is a milder version. But at this point, with my tongue already numb and thick, milder or hotter, it really doesn’t matter.


IMG_6541 Mao’s quick fried shrimps 毛氏火爆虾 – a bit overcooked but I happily welcome the no-chili break


IMG_6549 ZiRan spareribs 孜然排骨 – the ribs, covered in a magical rub of cumin, chili and other secret spices, make my mouth water with every bite. Really climatic, really addicting. We go for a second round.


IMG_6551 Rice 米饭 – oh yes, the rice. Makes all that crazy heat a bit more bearable.


IMG_6556 Yam roller 山藥卷 – finally, something sweet! Mashed purple yam deep fried to a sweet, silvery-golden crisp.


IMG_6557Toffee banana 拔丝香蕉 –  these sweet and sticky banana balls are to this hot and spicy Hunanese meal what after-sex cuddling is to a hot and fiery make out session. I have 3 and still want more.


I just love to cuddle.


People who do more than just cuddling (hihihi!) – Mom & Dad, Javi & Marie



Di Shui Dong 滴水洞: 2/F, 56 Maoming Nan Lu, near Changle Lu, Luwan District, Shanghai, China. 茂名南路56号2楼, 近长乐路. Tel: +8621-6253-2689

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