Saturday, July 24, 2010

Harbin Series: Harbin Ice and Snow World ♥ ♥ ♥ ♥

Is it just me or has the weather gone completely berserk? One minute it’s scorching hot I have to strip down to almost nothing, and the next minute it rains cats and dogs I have no choice but to put my clothes back on.

Errr… Okay, end of the world’s most gruesome show.

I just wish it was January right now and we could be in Harbin again.


  The Wolfman Nelson, Sherylou, Me, Brian


Every December when the Songhua river has frozen over, the people of Harbin harvest blocks and blocks of ice from it and spend about 2 weeks to build a whole park of not just meager sculptures, but the grandest and most impressive ice structures that you can actually step on, enter into, skate on, enjoy a hotpot meal in, etc. etc.

Every year for a month starting January 5, people around the world travel all the way to Harbin to experience this magic.

It is amazing.












DSC02859What is Ice and Snow World without ice slides? Wheee!!!


DSC02848Snow sculpture of a giant Buddha


DSC02877There’s two of them!


DSC02866Someday my prince will come…


For now I’ll settle with these cold-hearted Terracotta Warriors


DSC02876Forbidden City


The catch?

Negative twenty six degrees.

Your fingers, ears, and all other exposed body parts are gonna hurt like hell. It’s gonna feel like they are actually falling off.

But you’ll survive.

And if you don’t, it’s okay.

This is absolutely worth it.






Promise me you’ll go.


Harbin Ice and Snow World 哈尔滨冰雪大世界: Songhua River bank, Harbin, Heilongjiang Province, China

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