Saturday, July 24, 2010

Harbin Series: Shangri-la Hotel Ice Palace and Ice Bar ♥ ♥

And Shangri-la does it, too.

Every year, during the Ice and Snow Festival, Shangri-la Hotel Harbin builds its own ice restaurant where diners can enjoy shabu-shabu meals in the comfort of –18 degrees. 

DSC02901Entrance to Ice Palace


IMG_9421Dumplings and meatballs line the hallway


IMG_9407One of the more elegant private dining rooms


IMG_9422For people who prefer the “in the wild” feel


IMG_9419 In this godforsaken weather, hotpot meal is the only way to go


IMG_9420 Sadly, the food is just average shabu-shabu fare, we do not even get prime cuts of meat. Except for the ice structure and the minus eighteen degrees, there really is nothing extraordinary about this meal.


IMG_9410BRRRRRRian, Sherylou, Me, Nelson 


After dinner, we have a few drinks.

For warmth.

It is absolutely necessary.


IMG_9405We head to Ice Bar just next door


IMG_9461Ice Bar. As in literally.


IMG_9433Ice table and stools


IMG_9434Ice entertainment


IMG_9452Check out the iced snowflake design on my wine glass. Totally stellar.


IMG_9446 Fun (and very drunk!) Singaporean tourists having a merry-crazy time with Siberian tiger stuffed animal “tails”


With the cute and nice bartender we harassed all night


Shangri-la Hotel Harbin: 555 You Yi Road, Harbin, Heilongjiang Province, China. 中国哈尔滨道里区友谊路555号. Tel: +86451-84858888

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