Saturday, July 24, 2010

Harbin Series: Siberian Tiger Park ♥ ♥ ♥ ♥

Until now, six months after the Harbin trip, I still cannot decide which I enjoyed the best – Ice and Snow World or this.


Being in Siberian Tiger Park is like watching National Geographic live. You see handsome and buffed tigers roaming around freely, while you and other humans are crammed into a caged tour bus. Oh how the tables have turned!

It is quite an educational experience.

I’ve learned that:

1. Siberian tigers are like me. They live to dream.

IMG_9196 IMG_9197Dream, sleep, laze around, conk out, nap, siesta… whatever. 


2. Siberian tigers, again, are very much like me. They love to eat.

Now if you are a bloodthirsty biatch like me who has an obsession with animal-devour-animal shows on National Geographic, then man, you are going to fancy this.

IMG_9237Buy an animal, feed a tiger!


I am so buying the sheep!!!

BUT The Wolfman objects. Not because it is against his morals, but because he thinks RMB600 is too expensive a price to pay for a goat. Oh well.

IMG_9206So that’s our RMB50 sitting on top of the car


IMG_9204Tiger watches intently while our chicken struggles to escape.


IMG_9203Tiger pounces. Our bird gone. The action doesn’t even last a second. But WOW.


3. Siberian tigers have high respect for one another.

IMG_9212When one catches a prey, the others leave him be.


IMG_9209Some walk away a good sport, some stay to watch and drool.


IMG_9215More food coming!


IMG_9214Turns out to be a sheep, courtesy of a caged human on the bus behind us. Sorry, no exciting photos.


4. Siberian tigers savor their food.

IMG_9223More chicken feeding. Yey!


IMG_9224They’re really fast!


IMG_9221But they take their sweet time eating. They gingerly pull out all the feathers before slowly chewing on the meat. Such admirable discipline. Such discipline I will never possess.


Other beauties you can see at the park:

IMG_9228 White tiger




IMG_9231 Cheetah


IMG_9233 Black puma


They also have leopards, lynxes, jaguars, and believe it or not, LIGERS! Yes, China did it again. A hybrid cross between a papa lion and a mama tiger, the liger is HUGE! Imagine the size of lion and tiger combined and a weight of about 1000 lbs. I am too chicken to take a photo.


Bertramliger Liger. Photo grabbed from here.


I love white tigers the best.

Mom, can I take one home?


Siberian Tiger Park 东北虎林园: North bank of the Songhua River, Harbin, Heilongjiang Province, China

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