Saturday, June 19, 2010

金滿堂甜品 Golden Hall Dessert ♥ ♥ ♥



Real women love sweets.

Whatever form they come in - chocolates, cakes, mousse, tarts, pies, ice creams, flans, puddings, crepes, shaved ice, words and lies – we love all of them!


IMG_4080榴槤棉花冰 Durian Shaved Ice – needs more durian taste


IMG_4078綠茶棉花冰 Green Tea Shaved Ice – very good as it is, but if they can add just a little bit more of that bitter green tea taste, then life will be perfect.


IMG_4074咖啡果凍伴雪芭 Coffee Jelly with Coffee Sherbet

This is my ultimate guilty pleasure. On a really hot summer day, I will brave the Kowloon Motor Bus system, take bus #91 to Choi Hung from my flat in Clearwater Bay, then wait at the bus interchange for at least 10 minutes for bus #10 to arrive and take me to Kowloon City where Golden Hall is. 50 minutes of commute and walking under the scorching sun in Hong Kong’s hot and humid summer, to wolf down this coffee jelly and ice cream combo in less than 5 minutes, I tell you, it is all worth it.  


IMG_4071Me with my real women friends - Cathy, Ann, CJ and Edith


金滿堂甜品 Golden Hall Dessert: 九龍城城南道5, 6, 9 號舖  Shop 5,6,9 Shing Nam Road, Kowloon City, Hong Kong. Tel: +852-2383 3102

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