Tuesday, June 22, 2010

jin loves to eat at home, June 14-20, 2010

For the elders in my family, fortune telling is a BIG thing. Astrology, palm reading, tarot, psychic reading, horoscope, numerology, down to the placement of moles on your face and body – beware, they all mean something!

When you open shop, you look at the Chinese calendar for good opening date. When you travel, you look at the calendar again for a good day to fly. Before you even think of marrying someone, you go to the fortune teller with your names, dates and time of birth to see if you are a good match, whether you bring luck to each other, how many children you will bear, etc, etc. If the fortune teller approves and you are finally ready to settle down, you go back to the same guy so he may dictate how you should go about probably the most important day of your life.

Yes, fortune telling is a big thing with the elders in my family.

Sometimes I wonder if my mom also consults with the fortune teller what food she prepares for us at home.


June 14, 12:34pm

IMG_5321 Prawns, eggplant parmigiana, tong ho vegetable and rice

IMG_5326 Pear, kiwi, arbutus, strawberry, melon


June 14, 7:05pm

IMG_5334 Beef steak, pulled pork fried rice, shrimps, bitter gourd, asparagus


June 15, 11:31am

IMG_5336 Fish fillet with black bean sauce, chayote, rice

IMG_5341 Pear, pomelo, cantaloupe, strawberry


June 16, 11:46am

IMG_5343 Pork adobo, boiled pork, boiled spinach, garlic rice

IMG_5345 Melon, pear, apple, pomelo


June 17, 9:30pm

IMG_5383 Melon, apple, pear, pomelo


June 18, 7:26am

IMG_5385 Cherry, pineapple-custard, arbutus


June 19, 11:44am

IMG_5390 Prawns, corned beef, scallops in egg white, baby asparagus, broccoli, squash

IMG_5398Homemade XO sauce by Jaine and Donna

IMG_5391  Cantaloupe, pomelo, kiwi, peach, arbutus


June 20, 9:52am

IMG_5445Egg tart

IMG_5444Cherry, kiwi, cantaloupe, pomelo, apple


As for me, I only believe in Chocoscopes.


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