Wednesday, June 23, 2010

Gustavus Steak Lounge ♥ ♥


There is only one reason you should come to Gustavus.

One reason.



IMG_5355And it is NOT the New England-Style Clam Chowder with Smoky Bacon and Garlic Crouton, because although the chowder contains a generous portion of clams and whatnots, the soup itself lacks taste.


IMG_5356It is also NOT the Tempura Soft Shell Crab with Thai Mango Salad and Chili Tomato Remoulade, because there is too much batter on the crab and the salad is overly sweet.


IMG_5358And no, NOT the Baked Gustavus Oysters – Rockefeller, Casino and Pepper, because they all taste the same, they all taste like butter.


IMG_5364I will NOT come especially for the Grilled Prawn and Scallop Tournedos with Crab and Spinach Risotto and Chili Herb Butter Sauce, because although the scallop is really, REALLY good, the prawn is overcooked and the risotto is boring.


IMG_5369 And definitely NOT for this USDA Prime Sirloin Beef Burger with House-cut Potato Wedges, because the patty is terribly mushy and it falls apart in my mouth. It feels more like chewing on a wet and soggy bun than on ground US Prime sirloin. Even the restaurant manager(?)/co-owner(?) notices this and reports the problem to the chef. He promises to make up for the bad with a burger on the house on our next visit. One burger each for all three of us. Yeah!


IMG_5373Despite the fact that I love desserts, I will NOT come all the way to Gustavus for its Caramelized Banana. I will, however, come for that extremely sweet and addicting sponge cake at the bottom, soaked heavily in syrup and three kinds of milk. Sadly, the banana, hard and dry, is but a big letdown.


IMG_5375God bless our outrageous appetites. Because even after all that food, we are still just a little bit hungry. So we order Buffalo Wings from the Bar Chow Menu. The wings are just okay, so-so, NOT a must try.



So what is the ONE reason you should come to Gustavus?

IMG_5368It is this USDA Prime Beef Ribeye.


This unassuming-looking ribeye that is so tender, so full of flavor, and has the most beautiful marbling. With each bite my mouth waters, and I try hard to keep a straight face when my body is experiencing a most mind-shattering food orgasm.

This steak is a winner and the owners know it. Indeed, the USDA Prime Ribeye is, as the menu proudly states,

IMG_5348 “The Reason for Gustavus”



IMG_5362Donna, Jeremy, Me. We all agree.


Gustavus Steak Lounge: G/F, F&M Lopez II Building, 109 C. Palanca Street, Legaspi Village, Makati City, Metro Manila, Philippines. Tel: +632-813-0475

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