Wednesday, June 23, 2010

A Happy Fatterside Father’s Day

I love my Dad.

We love our Dads.

The older we get, the more responsibilities we bear, the more problems we face, the more sacrifices we make, the more we truly appreciate the very men who have selflessly gone through all this and more. For us.

Our Dads.

The older we get, the older our Dads get, too, and the younger we should strive to make them feel.

And so for this year’s Father’s Day, our frustrated events organizer cousin Frannie of Frannie Tales got everyone together for an outdoor Children’s Party themed dinner to celebrate this special occasion in honor of the young-at-heart senior citizens in our lives.

We had…

IMG_5524  Jingles who amazed us with her balloon twisting skills



These are Jingles’ balloon interpretations of Snow White and me. Tee hee hee.


IMG_5535Leodini who really didn’t fool us with his painting-to-live-dove, live-dove-to-live-duck magic tricks


IMG_1034Clowns who facilitated the program and games (the other clown was hiding)


IMG_5529Dirty ice cream vendor who elicited that big smile on Anton’s face


And of course, the most awaited part of the night… CHOW TIME!!!

IMG_5496Cousins and aunties lining up to conquer the buffet spread


IMG_5497Ferdinand, our designated lechon man, getting really nervous about the attack


IMG_5475Sabroso Lechon. One is never enough!


IMG_5468Magic Kitchen’s Seafood Paella


IMG_5471Magic Kitchen’s Lasagna


IMG_5485Cindy’s Chicken Pot Pie with Puff Pastry Crust


IMG_5484Homemade Meatball Ragu with Fettuccine


IMG_5472Homemade Pork Barbeque


IMG_5533Homemade Chicken Breast Barbeque, because we are a healthy family. Ha!


IMG_5474Homemade Dinuguuan (pork innards in pork blood)


IMG_5480Indian Mangoes


IMG_5478Carrot Cake from Homemade Carrot Cake


IMG_5531Assorted Minibons from Cinnabon


IMG_5530Homemade Fruit Salad


For our centerpieces, Frances got these really cool personalized cakes with matching cupcakes, too!

IMG_5511My dad playing his favorite sport


IMG_5509Uncle Frank multitasking in the toilet (smoking, drinking coffee, reading the papers and pooping)


IMG_5513Uncle Rolly playing basketball with his pet Rottweiler


IMG_5506Uncle Dennis tending his farm (not the one on Facebook!)


IMG_5515And last but certainly not the least, my late Gwakong cooking his famous fried chicken


IMG_1037The Perez Family


IMG_1043The Soriano Family


IMG_1049The Chiang Family


IMG_1051The Masigan Family


And the superwoman who made all this merrymaking possible…

IMG_1045Frannie of Frannie Tales with Oreo, the love of her life

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