Tuesday, May 25, 2010

jin loves to eat at home, May 17-23, 2010

A vibrating belt (and my new BFF) that promises to help slim down full figures is strapped on to my waist as I write this entry. The thing has been wrapped around every part of my body imaginable, with the intensity always set on the highest level.

I don’t care if it works or not, or if I develop permanent convulsion from wearing this thing 24/7, but I am going to do everything I can, take every measure available (except eat less and skip dessert and exercise), to start losing all this ugly excess weight.

So help me God.

And help me, mom!


May 17, 1:02pm

IMG_4545Pork ribs in Chinese herbs, buttered mushrooms, sautéed vegetables and rice

IMG_4547 Apple, pomelo, kiwi, dragon fruit, banana


May 18, 1:51pm

IMG_4590Chicken kaldereta, shredded fish with egg whites, steamed vegetables

IMG_4595Cherries, pomelo, jackfruit, kiwi, lychees


May 19, 12:50pm

IMG_4650Fish in black bean sauce, chicken, white squash, sautéed portobello, fried rice

IMG_4651 Pineapple, kiwi, pomelo, pear


May 19, 8:45pm

IMG_4655Sweet ham and honey in wheat pandesal


May 20, 11:52am

IMG_4666Butter lemon sole fillet, grilled mackerel, celery and garlic rice

IMG_4667 Dragon fruit, pomelo, pear, jackfruit


May 20, 6:33pm

IMG_4669Turkey ham and sage cheese on wheat bread


May 21, 1:40pm

IMG_4695Japanese curry chicken, boiled vegetables and rice

IMG_4698 Kiwi, pomelo, persimmon, avocado, apple


May 22, 1:02pm

IMG_4754 Roast chicken, braised beef with garlic cloves, vegetables and paella

IMG_4756 Kiwi, pear, persimmon


May 23, 12:19pm

IMG_4760Shrimps in tomato sauce, baked creamy dory, winter melon and rice

IMG_4757Strawberries, pomelo, dragon fruit, banana



And the reason for my sudden panic attack?

IMG_3747My stupid and lying weighing scale


I swear, something is definitely wrong with the batteries!

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