Tuesday, May 25, 2010

Little Lamb Hotpot ♥ ♥


Everyone loves a nursery rhyme. I guess that is why the owner of this hotpot restaurant decided to name it “Little Lamb” instead of “Little Fat Sheep” as the Chinese name directly translates to.

little lamb hotpot manila

Little Fat Sheep is more suited to describe me. After all, I am born under the sheep sign, and I am little.

You thought I was gonna say fat, didn’t you???


IMG_4822Nutritional Non-Spicy Soup – contains a lot of garlic and nutritious Chinese medicine,
so you don’t feel too guilty about gorging on all that meat.


IMG_4825 Mongolian Lamb – an ok quality lamb sliced paper thin for faster cooking and
a more tender feel


IMG_4830Sweet Corn – not sweet at all and very hard even after we boil them forever


IMG_4831“Little Lamb” Shrimp Ball – with real shrimps inside!


IMG_4832Mushroom Dumpling


IMG_4834Fresh Tofu


IMG_4836Golden Mushroom – an indispensable ingredient for hotpot


IMG_4838Fried Tofu Skin


IMG_4841Tong Ho – although not everyone appreciates its unique floral taste, garland chrysanthemum is my favorite hotpot vegetable




And for our dessert,

IMG_4850Costa Brava Ube Cake we bought from Rockwell’s Bakers Fair


Despite the fact that my sister Jamie and I are already 24 and 30, our parents still treat us like little babies. And so tonight, like little babies, we order only shrimp balls, vegetables, and meat from a lamb’s more conventional body part. 

Next time we’ll be adults and order something more adventurous.

IMG_4903 Items 205 and 206. Gulp.


IMG_4853 Mom, Jamie, Me, Dad


Little Lamb Hotpot: La Marina, South Drive, Area 2, Rizal Park, Ermita, Manila, Philippines. Tel. +632-4878198

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