Monday, March 1, 2010

Henry’s Kitchen ♥


Wilson Kwok. My college schoolmate. Everybody’s friend. I swear, everybody knows this guy. Deans, professors, batch mates, people from higher batch, lower batch, even random people in the streets of Hong Kong.

And even before we finish our dinner at Henry’s Kitchen, he has already become fast friends with Henry.


IMG_1414 Breads


IMG_1423 Lobster Bisque – toooooooooo salty!!!!!


IMG_1431 Baked Escargot with Portobello Mushroom – ok good


IMG_1453Roasted Suckling Pig in French Style – the skin looks beautiful and crisp but it’s actually soggy and chewy, the meat dry and tasteless. A pretty-looking dish is all.


IMG_1449 Roasted Short Ribs in French Style – now this is reason alone to come to the quiet Fortress Hill neighborhood. Tender and very flavorful. And HUGE. But worry not, our appetites are huge-r. We clean the plate in no time.


IMG_1471Chocolate Fudge Cake with Vanilla Ice Cream -  looks and tastes exactly like what I had in Fusion 5th Floor. Forgettable.


Henry is a big guy and he understands that not all people in Hong Kong eat like birds. There is the 0.000001% of the population that eats like there is no tomorrow. Ahem! Ahem! Henry serves this population. Wilson asks the waitress if other diners order the same as what we order and if they are able to finish all.

“Yes, sir, they order the same and they finish all,” she says.

“But they are usually a party of four,” she admits hesitantly, stifling a giggle.



IMG_1467Attention, girls! Wilson is single AND looking! :)



Henry’s Kitchen: Shop 9, 18 Wang On Road, North Point, Hong Kong.


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