Tuesday, February 23, 2010

Whisk ♥ ♥ ♥

Because Jason says it is his favorite romantic restaurant for the month of November, I suggest Whisk, the famed Singaporean chef Justin Quek’s first restaurant in Hong Kong, for a not-really-so-romantic dinner with Nelson and his supplier/friend Newman.

IMG_6674 I love Whisk’s intergalactic interiors.

IMG_6676 Bread basket. Nothing extraordinary.

Newman does not want to be bothered with too many choices, so he goes for the easiest option. Tonight’s set dinner:
IMG_6685King prawn salad with abalone

IMG_6688Wild mushroom ravioli with leek, saffron foam

d_silhouette Carrot ginger soup with lemongrass foam (sorry, no profile picture!)

IMG_6693Slow-cooked beef rossini on polenta cake, truffle jus

IMG_6701 Hazelnut mousse with lime basil sorbet

The two fussier people order ala carte.
IMG_6684  Chef’s appetizer platter: tasting of Whisk’s four best creations. And true to its claims, these really are the best!

IMG_6687  Baked lobster bisque “herb soufflé.” Quite a creative twist to the traditional lobster bisque. This is good, but not fantastic.

IMG_6690  Roasted crispy suckling pig with truffle salad and red wine sauce. The skin is exaggeratedly crispy, and the meat exaggeratedly tender. I can’t say much for the taste though, it is a bit bland. Nothing can ever beat Cebu lechon. NOTHING.

IMG_6694 US prime ribeye, 300 grams. I haven’t had US steak this good for the longest time. Very tender, very flavorful, and with the right amount of marbling. Even if served medium when I order medium rare, this is one of the better steaks I’ve had in Hong Kong.

IMG_6698  Flaky apple tart with roasted almond and vanilla ice cream. Don’t believe when the menu says this is good for two. I can easily polish off the whole thing by myself. In 3 minutes. Very, very easily. I just don’t want the two men to look like sissies.

IMG_6703The waiter hears my thoughts and brings me more sweets. Happy!

Whisk: 5/F, The Mira Hong Kong, 118-130 Nathan Road, Tsim Sha Tsui, Kowloon. +852 2315-5111
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