Monday, February 22, 2010

One-ThirtyOne, Revisited ♥ ♥ ♥ ♥


Goodbyes. I am so not good at them.

I hate to leave Hong Kong, the Clearwater Bay flat I’ve called home the last three years, my freedom, the wonderful friends I’ve made, the convenient and efficient MTR system, the shopping, the crazy sales, my freedom, the Hong Kong style milk tea in chachantengs, the many restaurants I’ve grown to love, and the many, many more still on my to-try list… and did I mention my freedom?

I refuse to leave Hong Kong without having another meal at my favorite restaurant. Cannot. Will not. Refuse to. 

And what better day to enjoy a leisurely lunch at One-ThirtyOne than on January 31?


IMG_9854The outdoor seating


IMG_9852The view


IMG_9838 Homemade breads. Garlic, olives, sundried tomatoes.


IMG_9841Carpaccio of Japanese scallop with orange, wild arugula & lobster vinaigrette topped with Yalla Valley salmon caviar.
Arugula is my favorite salad vegetable. Its earthiness goes well with the light and delicate flavors of the scallops, and the salty, briny taste of the caviar. A very refreshing start.


IMG_9847 Cappuccino soup of wild mushroom topped with Italian black truffles.
The soup is a bit watery today compared to the last time, but still enjoyable.


IMG_9859  Calamansi sorbet


IMG_9864 Trio of French mullard duck (foie gras, leg confit, seared duck breast) with honey-citrus sauce, baby carrot, porcini mushroom, caramelized fresh fig and “ratte” potato puree.


The foie gras is pan seared to perfection and the fig is plump and sweet. However I taste bitterness in the liver, not the best of the best. Duck breast is tender but a bit bland by itself. The honey-orange sauce that accompanies it is genius.

I never liked duck confit before this day. But this super tasty duck meat on a bed of rich and creamy mashed potato creates miracles and warm and happy feelings in my mouth. How tragic that I am exposed to something so mind-blowing at such a young, tender age. (Hihihi!) Henceforth, every other duck confit I come across will be compared to One-ThirtyOne’s... and they are all doomed to fail in the aftermath of such perfection.


IMG_9866 Cheese tray


IMG_9874  Gotta have a bit of everything!


IMG_9877 Chocolate-raspberry soufflé with Madagascar vanilla ice-gelato


Dessert is the same as last time, still as good, although I would have loved to try another of Chef Gary’s delicious creations. We ask for an additional scoop of vanilla gelato, the waiter happily brings us two. With a smile.


This is the life. My Hong Kong life.

Oh One-ThirtyOne, this is not goodbye.

It cannot be.

It will never be.

I promise.


One-ThirtyOne: 131 Tseng Tau Village, Shap Sze Heung, Sai Kung. Tel: +852-2791-2684

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