Sunday, December 20, 2009

One-ThirtyOne ♥ ♥ ♥ ♥


Do not trust Jason. He kisses and tells.

We share one beautiful night.



And then what does he do?

As soon as he gets home, he writes about it and posts it online, on his blog, for all the world to see.

My deepest, most-guarded secret. Not so secret anymore. Just like that.

Men. They are all dogs!


IMG_7961  My secret warm and cozy dining room


IMG_7959   My secret Christmas centerpiece


IMG_7965My secret homemade breads


IMG_7970My secret Boston lobster ragout with lobster vinaigrette topped with spiced mango foam & wild arugula


IMG_7972My secret salad of French ice leaf, Japanese green house melon, Spanish 36 months cured Iberico bellota ham & hazelnut vinaigrette


IMG_7980My secret cappuccino soup of wild mushroom topped with Italian autumn truffle


IMG_7983My secret char-grilled swordfish & Canadian sea scallop in Mediterranean style


IMG_7990  My secret calamansi sorbet


IMG_7995My secret slow-cooked USDA prime sirloin & Australian Wagyu beef cheek in Madeira sauce with porcini mushroom, "petits pois," baby carrot & baby potato


IMG_7998 My secret assortment of cheeses


IMG_8001  My secret cheese board with a little of everything


IMG_8009My secret enemy keeping his oath: I must not waste good stuff!


IMG_8007 My secret chocolate-raspberry soufflé with Madagascar vanilla ice-gelato


IMG_8011  My secret coffee and petit fours


Thanks to Jason, my secret is out.


It is THE BEST restaurant in Hong Kong.


And as for The Bon Vivant,

We’re still friends. But only because it’s Christmas, Jason!


Seriously though, this guy’s generosity and dedication in informing the foodie community of great restaurant discoveries is admirable. If it were up to me, One-ThirtyOne will remain forever unblogged.

Now will someone please give my food blogger friend here the Nobel Prize Award in Food Philanthropy? 


For those  of you wanting to come to One-ThirtyOne, may I, in good faith, discourage you to do so, because this place is not only very far, but it is also EXTREMELY difficult to find. I don’t want you to get lost. I  say this in good faith, believe me.


IMG_8028This is the wrong gate. Please do not enter.


IMG_8020This is the wrong door. Please do not go in.



One-ThirtyOne: 131 Tseng Tau Village, Shap Sze Heung, Sai Kung, Hong Kong.
Tel: +852-2791-2684

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