Wednesday, June 8, 2016

The Delinquent Blogger is Back

Hi guys! Sorry I disappeared for awhile, but I am now back from my 5-week trip with no travel plans coming up soon, so expect to see me here more often. Yay! I miss this space already and I am so excited to start sharing again.

I've put on significant weight, mostly around my waist, but also evident on my cheeks, chins (yes, there's more than two now), arms and thighs. My skin got 5 shades darker, 8 shades darker on my hands, and 10 shades darker on my feet. I make the perfect ad material for United Colors of Benetton. Hahaha. But only because I walked under the sun and shade every single day in 21 new cities, 10 museums, 3 castles and 7 parks. I joined 8 walking tours, enjoyed 106 meals with myself, 2 dinners with company, watched 5 musicals, and gained immeasurable, precious experiences and memories that will last a lifetime.

I hope to document them all here at one point or another, but until I finish sorting out my 8,639 photos and dealing with the mountain of work waiting for me, I'll share with you a photo from each of the places I visited this trip, like a sneak peek of what's to come on this blog. Hopefully soon. :)


Zaanse Schans






Scottish Highlands

Loch Ness


Cliffs of Moher






Cotswold - Bourton on the Water





To the people who messaged me (some even demanded, haha!) for my itinerary and restaurant recommendations, PLEASE, PATIENCE. Kindly understand that I cannot answer all of you one by one, but will try to put them all here so do check back. If you cannot wait, do a little research on my Instagram posts. Search hashtags depending on your city of interest: #jinlovestoeatamsterdam2016, #jinlovestoeatedinburgh2016, #jinlovestoeatdublin2016, #jinlovestoeatlondon2016, etc, etc, etc...

Thank you and you're welcome!

It's great to be home! ♥

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